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If you could bring them back, how far would you go?

Arcturus "Art" Larssen has developed a device that can track the essence of a person as it leaves our plane of existence. With coordinates in hand, he has created the first machine meant to punch a hole into a new reality to get back the one person he couldn't save. 

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Trapped on the bottom of the ocean after a container ship severs all communication, James Andrews—with the help of FIONA, the station's artificial intelligence—must repair Sea Lab IV and find a way to escape before he's trapped there forever.

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The only way for Roger Coleridge to leave the trauma of the Great War behind him is with the roar of a 5-speed engine rattling in his head and miles of sand ahead of him. Will he be left in the dust? Or lost forever in the sands of the Sahara?

Coming in 2018.