Happy New Year!

2018 is going to be big.

There's a growing list of the exciting FORJ happenings that are coming up in 2018! Season 2 of my podcast, Audiologue, will be hitting sometime in March, there will be a mini-arc popping up around the same time, and that's not to mention all of the fun stories I've got planned. You can expect cross-dimensional travel, race car drivers lost in the desert, a fantastical romp for a few chimneysweeps, and so much more fun. 2018 is going to be big. Real big.


PodCon was a massive podcasting conference out in Seattle in early December. Besides shaking hands with some of my favorite podcasters, sitting in on some incredible workshops, and hearing panels of my idols talk about their struggles, I met a bunch of folks super jazzed about podcasts. It was such an incredible, uplifting, and inspiring experience that I hope isn't the last. And, if you weren't at PodCon and didn't get a commemorative Season 1 sticker, send me your address here, and I'll be sure to ship one (or a few) your way!


PS. We're still taking submissions for short stories, collabos, and more! Drop me a note.