At the Door

Knock, knock.

Kyle looked up. He had been building skyscraper after skyscraper out of little wooden blocks on top of the scratchy psychedelic rug in the living room. He had been thinking of knocking them all over like a giant dinosaur he saw on the TV, but he was interrupted by the knock.

He paused for a moment, then started building with his blocks again. The sweet, sappy smell felt nice in his nose for some reason. He grabbed a little red car next to him and raced it around the giant streets of Kyleville. 

Knock, knock.

He stopped again and looked up. He certainly had heard some sort of knock from the other room. Kyle leaned forward to pick up momentum and, when his butt got off the ground, he used his hands to stand up. His legs were still a bit shaky - this whole walking thing was still new to him.

Knock, knock.

Kyle walked - more like hobbled - to the hallway leading to the front door. He looked down the hallway both ways, the place where the food is on one side, the door to outside on the other. Usually the tall people were around him, but they were somewhere else. Did they hear the knocks? Kyle's open jaw drooled a bit - he didn't mind.

Holding onto the wall, he waddled a bit further towards the front door. A window next to the door looked out onto the front yard, but Kyle couldn't see anything out there besides the green grass and bigger versions of his red car driving by.


He got to the door and paused, looking around for the tall people. Usually he was talked to angrily when he tried to open the door by himself, but no one was there to see who was knocking. Plus, Kyle was, after all, a curious little boy. There were more possibilities of what waited outside than Kyle could imagine.

Knock. Knock, knock.

Kyle lifted his little hands to the door hand and tried to remember how the tall people had moved it when they left earlier. That's right, Kyle remembered now, they had gone outside. Maybe it was the tall people coming back inside. Or coming to take him outside. He liked going outside.

He worked the handle up and nothing happened. He pulled it down towards him right as he lost his balance and fell on his butt. Somehow, the door creaked inward just enough to stay open. Kyle climbed back up onto his feet and pulled the door open. 

The sun was bright and the smell reminded him of his blocks - the same sappy, rich smell. A tall person stood at the door wearing blue on the top and bottom. He said something that Kyle didn't understand - just like all the tall people - and then picked him up. There were flashing lights outside, one like the color of Kyle's car and one the color of the tall person's top. 

A small gold thing caught the sun and Kyle reached for it. He held it, his tiny fingers tracing the indents in it. At the top was the outline of a city just like the one Kyle had been building inside. He pat the gold shiny thing and then drooled a little bit more.