FORJ is now the Forj collective

FORJ Co began as a small short fiction blog of sorts. Each piece was just long enough to fill your commute with a little more excitement than your Facebook feed. And—for over two years—that's all FORJ Co was, but now the full vision is starting to awaken. Welcome to the FORJ Collective: the same FORJ as before. Just, well, more.

You'll still find the short fiction this site was created for, but there'll be even more: short fiction, podcasts, reader submissions, and spotlight posts on some other inspiring fiction out there. Every day, we read things that inspire, affect, and move us; I think it's time we start sharing them.

Hi, I'm phil

I'm a writer, podcaster, and general lover of fiction. I've always enjoyed reading indie short fiction and meeting the people who make it, so I made FORJ Co. I love reading fantasy and science fiction, but if you've got a good story I'll read it.


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